Facilitated Groups

How will you spend your most precious asset–your time?
The desire to matter is universal, along with enjoying a life with close connections, stimulation, purpose and fun.

Plan your best life with two retirement coaches who have incorporated a fun and collaborative process that puts your dreams into action!

Life Transition coach Julia Holladay, MA, BCC, is certified with Retirement Options® and The Retirement Coaches Association and runs Reignite Groups. Denis Wuestman’s certifications include Brain Based-Results training with NeuroLeadership Group, as well as Retirement Options®.

What will you anchor your life around, once your time isn’t structured around work?

This workshop is designed to get you started to envision, clarify, and plan this next stage of life and includes
• A Life Planning Assessment + 1:1 session
• Weekly Exercises and create momentum
• Structured facilitated group engagement
• DIY resources to carry your dreams forward

When: Tuesdays, March 26 – May 7
Time: 4pm-5pm PST on Zoom

Cost of program $449 pp ($399 if sign up by 2/14)
$350 each if you bring a friend or spouse/partner.

Workshop is limited to 10 participants.

Map your best life with Julia and Denis, two certified retirement coaches who are committed to helping successful people enhance their retirement transition with vision and action.

Call Julia Holladay for more info: 619-992-3372
or email julia@personalmasterycoaching.com


What members say:

“Totally enjoyed this workshop and had to put some hard work into it as well. I am not retired yet so this is a helpful start to being prepared for a great retirement experience when that time comes. Thank you.” SS, Non-Profit Executive

“This workshop is a worthwhile investment in a retiree’s future!  It gave me focus and energy to turn the page into a meaningful retirement. It helped me to reflect on my priorities and emotions, and to begin the redefinition of my purpose which was previously structured by a 43-year career in financial leadership with global organizations.  Denis and Julia are professional masters at workshop facilitation and communication of the subject matter, within the dynamic of a live online group forum.” DC, Retired CEO

After haphazardly wondering what I should be doing in my retirement, the Retirement Vision workshop provided a wealth of knowledge and coaching in the major aspects of retirement life; strategies and actions that I could use immediately; and the discipline and focus that I needed to create a pathway that I was excited about pursuing. In addition to the tools and resources available, Denis and Julia’s advice and facilitation sharpened my curiosity to explore new areas of personal development. DH, Retired Financial Services Executive

“Worth the investment to spend time clarifying goals and repacking for the future. Now I see it’s okay to change gears and it doesn’t mean aging out or irrelevance. Great learning from our facilitators and the curated resources.” AG, Healthcare Professional