About Julia Holladay

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 Later-in-Life Coaching is Julia’s passion.  Life Transitions

challenge and transform us…

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild
and precious life?”
– Mary Oliver

This question is at the heart of who Julia is and why she feels a calling to facilitate, coach and teach. She helps professionals in the second half of life cultivate a renewed vision beyond their careers. 

Julia delivers what her clients are looking for: clarity, action, accountability and resources.

As a certified coach and facilitator, specializing in life transition and retirement,  Julia can help you…

  • Enjoy a Big Life beyond the identity of your career and old roles that no longer fit
  • Give vision to new lifestyle freedoms in any life stage and in any life transition
  • Recognize your default future and move forward to live your best life

Is Julia a good match for you?

As a later-in-life coach, Julia is a resource maven, life-long learner who loves influencing change.  Her vision is to bring forth positive aging role models and disrupt current stereotypes so the focus is more on growing, not just getting older.

Julia walks the talk.  She’s had her own journey with life transitions.  Going from an entrepreneurial background with over 20 years of professional experience in entertainment and education, she sold her company and took up the role of full-time parent and volunteer.  That lasted five years before going back to school to earn a Master’s degree in 2012.  Julia knew she had one more big thing in her, and after a lot of soul searching, realized her calling was life transition work.  She earned her professional certification in coaching and since then has received more advanced training related to life transitions and change, including earning two retirement certifications from the Retirement Coaches Association and Retirement Options.

Not all coaches are the same, and a successful coach-client relationship is not one-size-fits all.

With Julia, you can expect…

  • Measurable and sustainable progress
  • Commitment to client vision and goals
  • Persistent accountability
  • Access to validated assessments and profiles

About Julia Holladay, MA, BCC, CPC

Julia Holladay is a board certified coach, with two additional certifications in retirement coaching, specializing in life transitions and overall well-being. She brings an array of life experiences and leadership to her coaching practice.  Over the span of her career, she has served as a teacher, career counselor, entrepreneur, award-winning business owner and the Regional Vice President of an adult education company.

As an experienced entrepreneur, Julia opened what became an institution in San Diego, The Mystery Cafe interactive dinner theater, which she operated for 16 fruitful years. In her tenure, she mentored new producers who opened up Mystery Cafes in Orange County, Seattle and Albuquerque.  She joined a theater producing team to bring to San Diego the musical hit, Forever Plaid, which ran successfully for over two years.  Julia was also the executive producer of the original musical, Dixie Highway. She expanded her business to include cabaret theater, as well as producing professional team building events, heading the California operations for TeamBonding, based on the East Coast.

Julia has successfully worked through personal challenges such as integrating adoptive and birth children, the early loss of a sibling and parent, caring for an aging parent and earning her graduate degree in mid-life. She brings an authentically approachable and relatable personality that benefits her clients during the coaching process.

She has several years of coaching and mentoring experience working with individuals and non-profit organizations.  Julia received training at the College of Executive Coaching in a post-doctorate certified coaching program.  She also teaches workshops on life transitions and longevity with the community college and OASIS and is an active member of Rotary, Int’l.


Master of Arts, Leadership Studies, University of San Diego
Certified Professional Coach, College of Executive Coaching
Certified Professional Retirement Coach, Retirement Coaches Association/Retirement Project and Retirement Options
Life Launch, Hudson Institute
Coach Training and Certification – Core Values Index, Taylor Protocols
Bachelor of Science, Communication Studies, Emerson College, Boston, Massachusetts
Mediation Training, Harvard Negotiation Project and San Diego Mediation Center
Dialogue Training, University of San Diego

“Julia and I covered a lot of ground together. I appreciated her candid feedback. It was so beneficial to me that Julia invested the energy and attention to actively listen and understand me and my scenario. ” ~ Anonymous

“I found Julia to be a great influence in my life, I think her attention helped me reinvent myself and I am loving my new venture! Thank you Julia.” ~ Juli Doar

“When I decided to work with Julia I wasn’t sure how much I would benefit from coaching, having never done this kind of thing before. We began working several months ago and it has been an incredible win for me. I took this first step and she has been guiding me through many more steps to realizing my retirement dreams. She is an inspiration and a sounding board for my visions while assisting me in recognizing my vulnerabilities. Julia is sharp, stays on task and sees the possibilities. It has been a joy to work with her.” ~ Susan Hart

“Julia guided me to balance the high demand of my work with my family. She gave me the tools to create goals that balanced family happiness, continued success at work, economic security and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It allowed me to learn and grow in a positive way.” ~ Brian R Marvel

“Julia has many special gifts. Her resourcefulness, life and business experience, compassion and understanding, endurance and tenacity, make her a valuable asset for anyone eager to maximize their potential or work through a challenging transition.  I learned a lot working side by side as a mentor with Julia.” ~ Judy Bernstein

“Julia is a problem solver!  Capitalizing on my strengths and prior experience, she was able to quickly help me to identify practical strategies and concrete steps to take in order to move forward” ~ Deborah Dorn

“I always thought that some people were just really good at multi-tasking and that it was a valuable trait or skill to have. One of the things that I will never forgot from my coaching sessions with Julia is what she said about multi-tasking, a life lesson I will take with my during each phase of my life: No one can multi-task. You cannot “watch” your son’s baseball game and answer “work” emails at the same time. The important things in our lives need and demand our complete attention and when we don’t do this, we are failing to live to our fullest, either at home or in the office – it applies to both. Thanks Julia, for helping me to see this at both levels, personal and professional!” ~ Anthony Castelbuono


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