Personal Mastery Retirement Coaching

Retirement Coaching: Creative discovery, results-oriented approach

22519-what-gives-you-life-what-gets-you-out-of-bed-in-the-morningMost individuals think retirement planning is mostly about finances.  However, there are many other important factors to consider including family and relationships, adaptability, health and vitality, leisure interests and how to meaningfully replace the many functions work offers.

By investing in yourself and coaching, the opportunity to thrive and discover a new beginning that is uniquely yours is within your reach.

Julia is a Certified Professional Retirement Coach with a Master’s degree in Leadership. As a Later-in-Life Coach, she believes in the power of this work and devotes herself to supporting the success of her clients in this significant life transition.  She is part of a new wave of professionals certified in non-financial retirement coaching and stays current on resources and trends in the field so clients are well prepared beyond finances for a successful transition into retirement.

Julia asks: “What gets you out of bed in the morning beyond work? How do you leverage your past with your dream future?  What do you want your legacy to be?”

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Benefits of Julia’s Retirement Coaching:

  • Benefit from a comprehensive assessment: The Retirement Success Profile and The Couple’s Retirement Readiness Quiz
  • Learn how to re-imagine your identity and life purpose beyond work
  • Increase your confidence, vision and vitality
  • Re-awaken what you want next and fulfill it in retirement